About “Citma”

CItma: Trade in fruits and Vegetables

PLC “CITMA” is one of the largest companies of import-export of fresh fruit and vegetables in Lithuania. Main company activity is the wholesaling and retailing of fresh fruits and vegetables.


PLC “CITMA” history began in 1993 when Regimantas Didzinskas established the company which performed import, export and whole sale trade of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Start was successful; in 1996 the first trading branch PLC “CITROMA” was established in Kaunas.

“CITMA” company group kept expanding and in 1998 one more branch of PLC “CITVA” opened its doors in Klaipėda.

In 2002, the branch PLC „VILNIAUS CITMA“ began its activity in Vilnius as the company developed successfully.

After a year, PLC “PANEVĖŽIO CITMA” was established in Panevėžys in 2003.

About us

Since the beginning of activity we have been working purposefully, reaching for the goal to ensure the impeccable quality of provided services. Our suppliers are reliable growers of fruits and vegetables or representatives of growers. This ensures the quality of production provided by us.

Production is transported to Lithuania by the vehicle maintaining the required temperature for the fruits and vegetables which complies with all hygiene requirements. Fruits and vegetables are stored in high quality warehouses in Lithuania. Production reaches shopping stalls from the warehouses safely, quickly and responsibly.

Fruits and vegetables imported by PLC “CITMA“ comply with the European Union quality requirements.