Bananas and bananas ripping

We offer 14 banana ripping cameras of advanced technology at your service that are able to ripe 10 000 boxes of bananas simultaneously.

Bananas reach our warehouses from such tropical as well as sub-tropical lands as Ecuador, Panama, Columbia, Costa Rica, Ghana, etc. Bananas are cut green, in massive bunches, after carefully sorted, split into smaller bunches, packaged and prepared for transportation.

Packed in cardboard boxes the bananas are put into ship holds or marine containers (reefers). During transportation 13-14 C of temperature is kept constantly and unchanged; ratio of moist and ventilating air is set in order to extend the expiration time and to prevent process of unwanted ripping. Travel by ship from one continent to another takes from 11 to 30 days, it depends on the shipper and geographical position of port of destination of our choice. Later, bananas are being transported using land transport, semi-trailer refrigerators, strictly keeping with the temperature regime. After a thorough quality check bananas are put into special cameras in which the ripping process begins.

Bananas are matured in special chambers using ethylene gas. In the world not only bananas but also mangos and papayas are being matured for a long time. Ethylene gas does not pose any harm to health. This gas is of natural origin. Under normal conditions, ethylene gas is produced during natural decay process. Fruits matured using this method do not lose taste or nutritional properties, nor aroma. Ethylene is not produced in fruits, it breaks down and is completely harmless for consumers. Fruits ripened using this method have a longer shelf life.

After ripening the bananas are sorted again carefully, categorized according to level of ripening, packaged and by maintaining the appropriate transportation temperature, are delivered to shopping places.