Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Supply for Catering Companies and Stores

“CITMA” company group provides centralized supply of fruit and vegetables for shopping malls and stores, as well as catering companies: restaurants, cafes, bars, pizzerias, dinings, hotels, schools, kindergartens, hospitals, ships, ferries of various companies, as well as companies that are engaged in the servicing of ships.

We trade fruits and vegetables as well as herbs grown in all the world and Lithuania. We offer almost the widest range of fruits and vegetables that allows developing even the most difficult orders.

The supply of fresh fruit and vegetables for catering companies requires special quality, therefore:

  • We observe that fruits and vegetables provided by us would be stored in appropriate temperature at all stages of the supply chain;
  • In order to ensure that the catering companies would be delivered with quality products, we not only require certificates from our manufacturers but we also perform our control proactively;

Our experts constantly monitor to ensure the compliance with the requirements of the legal acts in force of the Republic of Lithuania regulating the standards of hygiene of food products and health protection.