Sorting out, sorting and utilization of fruits and vegetables

To ensure the quality of our production, we provide not only the fresh fruit and vegetable warehousing but also sorting out and sorting services in branches in Šiauliai, Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda and Panevėžys owned by “CITMA”.

Sorting out of Fresh Fruit and Vegetable

Fresh fruit and vegetables are evaluated according to determined standards. Production quality check is being performed by not only company workers but also by the independent experts / surveyors. Production not complying with quality requirements is sorted out and categorized to the low quality class or utilized.

Sorting of Fresh Fruit and Vegetable

Fresh fruit and vegetable are sorted according to the level of maturity, caliber, marketable appearance as well as other criteria and chosen for appropriate class of quality.

We feel responsible for the environment surrounding us. Production which is no longer fit for consumption is being transported to specialized waste management companies and utilized according to all requirements of health and environmental protection.

Long-term experience and new technological equipment guarantee the quality.